Buying your main residence

Buying an apartment needs careful thought. With Pierre Etoile you can purchase with the confidence that comes with quality.

Invest in quality for long-term peace of mind

Buying property is one of the most important life decisions you can make. With Pierre Etoile, you know you’ve made the right choice.

Everyone has different circumstances, whether it be employment, family, lifestyle, or size of deposit available. Pierre Etoile’s advisors will guide you through your options, providing information and support to make sure you make the best decisions.

Whichever apartment you choose you can invest in confidence, knowing that all our properties are designed by experts and built using the very best materials. Modern and supremely livable, each offers a flexible solution for modern lifestyles.

With our properties you can even personalise your home to suit your lifestyle, at no extra cost. All our layouts are modular and can be amended for you (excluding load-bearing walls, services and other technical constraints).

What will the monthly cost of my apartment be?

Our monthly cost estimator automatically totals the interest charges, repayments etc  for your flat to estimate the monthly cost of ownership.

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