In the media

Pierre Etoile's real estate projects have regularly featured in the media.

  • inTheMedia1

    Jardins Coeur de Ville

    A new residential development will replace the ugly silo at Les Bosquets

    Published on monday 30 september 2013

  • inTheMedia2

    Jardins Coeur de Ville

    Timelapse video of the demolition of the silo at Les Bosquets

    Published on friday 02 august 2013

  • inTheMedia3

    Jardins Coeur de Ville

    Industry makes way for people in the heart of Vevey

    Published on saturday 27 july 2013

  • inTheMedia5

    Jardins Coeur de Ville

    The demolition of Vevey’s landmark silo began yesterday

    Published on saturday 01 june 2013